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Fairbairns Heating & Cooling Pty Ltd has been a well-known and trusted, family-owned business operating in the Eastern and Outer Eastern suburbs for over 30 years. Most of our new business is sourced from repeat customers and referrals and, because of the length of time in operation, we are now installing systems for the children of Fairbairn's very first customers. Whilst continuing to provide Heating & Cooling systems to the people in our traditional service areas, Fairbairns has recently expanded into the South Eastern Suburbs.

What We Offer

  1. Quality brands and materials
  2. Friendly & professional customer service
  3. Free installation quotes (including split systems)
  4. Free installation quotes on building plans for private residential customers
  5. Public Liability Insurance
  6. Fully qualified & experienced installers
  7. Site clean up after installations
  8. 6-year warranty on workmanship
  9. Excellent after sales care
  10. Assistance in claiming heating rebates (Australian Gas Networks)
  11. Pensioner discounts on installation and service/repair work
Our Advantages
Fairbairns is an authorised Brivis dealer and...
  1. are able to offer our clients a Brivis 9 year manufacturer's warranty on heaters and evaporative coolers
  2. have access to the Brivisize online sizing tool
  3. are able to offer Brivis promotions such as cash back deals 
  4. have access to Brivis training workshops
Brivisize Heating and Cooling
Brivis 9 Year Warranty
* Terms and conditions apply
Brivis 9 Year Warranty
Our Senior Installers are our sales consultants.
From past experience we find that this results in more impartial advice driven more by the customers’ needs and less by sales targets and sales commission considerations. Our sales model also seems to result in better installation outcomes as our senior installers tend to take ownership of the whole job from start to finish and are not just concerned about the sale. Finally, we find that the quotes are more accurate as the senior installers are fully aware of the degree of difficulty of each job and charge accordingly. We have heard of quite a few companies that charge extra on installation day after the installers discover that the job was misquoted or underquoted by the Salesman often due to lack of installation knowledge.
Our Senior Installers are chosen for their
1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. Superior interpersonal skills
4. Industry & product knowledge
5. Ability to design systems
6. Commitment to carrying out quality & industry compliant installations
7. Problem-solving skills
So who better to give you advice on your heating & air conditioning requirements?
During an onsite sales consultation one of our Senior Installers will, if required:-
  1. Check your roof and/or floor space to ensure that the equipment will fit and comply with industry regulations
  2. Check measurements of areas to be heated and/or cooled to ensure your new system will be sized correctly and draw up a plan for the installer
  3. Check your gas line to ensure it can supply sufficient gas to your new gas heating system
  4. Check your power supply to ensure that you have a safety switch installed and that you have sufficient power to run your new system.
Fairbairns Heating & Cooling is aware that a new Heating and Cooling System is a considerable, long-term investment in your home and that recommendations and advice provided by us should reflect a high level of care and consideration.
Womo service award 2016

WOMO 2016 Service Award